For internal injuries and illnesses, a diagnostic scan such as the CT scan is very informative. Doctors can come to better conclusions after taking assistance from diagnostic scans. These scans show the internal picture of the patient and thus, capture any internal symptoms. There are many types of medical scans, but the most effective and prevalent one is the CT scan.

CT scans use beams of X-rays to give the doctors images of inside the patient’s body. The patient lies down while an arc sends many beams of X-ray through your body. This gives doctors vital information about your condition.

Many people know about such scans. However, many people don’t know when to get these scans and for what purposes. Intermountain medical imaging suggests getting CT scans for various reasons and situations. Looking into these can greatly enhance your knowledge about CT scans.

Reasons to Get a CT Scan

Consider the following reasons to get a CT scan:

  • When MRI is Not an Option

Imaging procedures vary in many aspects, these changes decide the better imaging alternative. MRI and CT scans are similar in nature, differing only in a few aspects. A CT scan is quicker than an MRI scan and is less sensitive to movements. For people who are injured and cannot lay down for 30-60 minutes, a CT scan is the better alternative.

  • Your Soft Tissues have Taken Damage

CT scans can provide many clear and precise images of the soft tissues around your bones. In case of bone-related injuries, your doctor can use a CT scan to accurately diagnose you and give you a fitting treatment plan.

  • For People Undergoing Cancer Treatment

Doctors can use CT scans to check on the cancerous tumours in the body. Since CT scans can accurately capture the details, the doctors get useful information. Using CT scans can help doctors monitor the patient’s response to chemotherapy and whether the cancer was growing and to what extent.

  • In Case of Severe Accidents

CT scans are fast and effective. In case of emergencies such as vehicular accidents, the victim can be quickly scanned and a proper diagnosis can be done. This can be life saving for the patient, as a quick diagnosis will allow for faster treatment.

  • For Brain Examination

There can be many reasons why a doctor would want to examine the internal images of your brain. A CT scan quickly provides detailed images of the brain. The characteristic of the injury or disease can be ascertained by running a CT scan.

  • Examining for Skeletal Diseases

CT scans provide a clear image of soft tissues, organs and other bone-related injuries. These scans can also aid doctors to diagnose and help in treating osteoporosis and other similar diseases.

Final Words

 CT scans have revolutionized the world of medicine and surgery. It is a useful procedure which can help you understand the cause of your problems by getting images of your internal body.