If you have decided to ditch the razors, painful plucking, waxing, and messy creams, you might want to consider laser hair removal. This safe and effective procedure might be what you need to stay hair-free for a long time. However, before you go through the procedure, you need to keep the following in mind:

Stop your Glow Temporarily

Tanning before a laser hair removal treatment can result in less effective results and possible skin discoloration. If you are serious about making the most out of the procedure, put a pause on the use of tanning sprays, beds, and creams. Also, follow the same advice after every treatment to reduce the risk of irritation.

Ensure the Area in Question Has Some Hair

Laser Hair Removal in Miami works by delivering energy to the hair follicle under the surface of the skin. This energy is absorbed by the pigment of the hair. The procedure will only work when the hair follicle is intact. This is the reason you should avoid waxing, using hair removal creams, and tweezing six weeks before your first session. But, having a day or two before your appointment is not a problem since it does not impact the underlying follicle.

The Procedure Might Hurt a Bit

Although some devices might provide cooling technology to reduce discomfort, others can feel like the snap of many types of elastic. That is why you must do your homework to find a treatment that suits your pain threshold. If you want sensitive areas such as underarms or bikini zones, your provider may use a numb cream to make the process more comfortable.

It Might Be Necessary to Tweak your Skin Care Routine

This could mean not using perfumed products like deodorants if you want your underarm hair to be removed. Also, do not use topical creams and acne treatment on facial areas that you be treated through laser hair removal. A good practice is to apply sunscreens or lotions with at least SPF of 30 to prevent sun damage. Lastly, avoid saunas, hot showers, and hot tubs for at least 24 hours following your last treatment.

Hair Might Grow Back

To see real results from laser hair removal, you will need more than one session. There are three stages in hair growth, namely growth, transitional, and resting. Laser hair removal is effective on follicles in the growth stage. That is why several treatments are required. For permanent hair reduction, it is important to space out 4-6 six weeks apart.