We usually don’t give that much care to our scalp skin as compared to the skin on our body and face. Inadequate cleaning, usage of various hair products and pollution has effect on hair.

Scalp facial is essential to have a strong and beautiful hair. It helps you rejuvenate the scalp skin, improves blood flow and promotes hair growth.

Though you shampoo and condition your hair, it is not adequate for the scalp skin. Sweat, dust and other hair products leave some deposit on your scalp that damages the scalp skin and suppresses the hair growth. However, you cannot expect scalp facial a cure for dandruff.

Having scalp facial or head spa once in a month enhances the growth and color of your hair and it keeps every single strand healthy. It also helps in relaxing and you feel relieved of stress.

You can also try scalp facial at home on a DIY basis.

As a first step, use shampoo and conditioner to your hair. If you have an itchy scalp you can use tea tree oil or rosemary. Then with the help of a flexible brush comb your hair to remove the buildup and wash your hair clean.

Next step is applying clay-based mask and rinse after 15 minutes. By doing this, you will have glossy looking, fresh hair. Ensure that the products that you use doesn’t contain sulfate. Give your hair coconut oil massage once in a week.

What Do They Do In Scalp Facials?

The process of scalp facial includes massaging the scalp and washing of hair. When you sit down in the salon chair, a magnified photo of your scalp is taken and the stylist will explain you about the buildup around the hair follicle, accumulated oil, clogged pores and redness, if any.

Steaming is done to loosen up the pores then cleansing is done on your hair to remove excess oil and dirt. The massage you get in this treatment will be a relaxing and it boosts circulation that ensures thick lustrous hair. Finally, some kind of mask is used.

After your hair is rinsed and blow-dried, your stylist will take another magnified photo of your scalp skin and you will notice the difference. By now you will be flaunting amazingly shiny bouncing hair.

If you want to have scalp facial for your hair, book an appointment with Focal Point Salon & Spa. The specialist analyses your hair and provides you customized treatment. Only with healthy scalp, you can expect a healthy grow of strong and shiny hair.