What This Site Is (and isn’t!)

What’s this all about?

This site is my own personal journey in how to stop hair loss. It took time, and is NOT a way to stop hair loss NOW, as in RIGHT NOW! Although you can START the journey of stopping hair loss NOW, by following the route that I took. It will most likely take several weeks or months if it works, maybe even a year. And it may not work for everybody. But hopefully I can comfort some people with the hope that something definitely works! Because it worked for me. One day, maybe you’ll have hair like this guy…


This site is NOT:

How to stop hair loss immediately

Or even

How to stop hair loss today


It’s not:

How to stop hair loss in men naturally (through ‘natural’ home remedies etc – although I’ll be looking into these)

How to stop hair loss due to stress

How to stop hair loss for women (though I might look into doing this at some point)


The truth:

I don’t know how to stop hair loss ‘naturally’. Right now at least. Or how to stop hair loss quickly (as in ‘instantly’). For the time being at least. Though I will be examining these, and a variety of other subjects on the blog posts. I also don’t know how to stop female balding. Yet! Or at least, my method could easily work for females, but I don’t KNOW for sure that it will, because I’ve only tried it on myself…a man!

My journey took about a year in total.

The site is, I’m hoping, simply a site to show a way to stop hair loss for men. The same way that it worked for me. And it’s male focused NOT because I’m being sexist. But because the process can be different for women. And I’m not a woman, so I can’t claim to know with 100% certainty what works. Just what worked for me, a man.

I’m very much a real person, not someone selling you a product. And I strongly want to build a community to encourage those who don’t have anyone that they can lean on, to open up and discuss hair loss.


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