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HONEST FINASTERIDE REVIEW – What Is Finasteride? And Does Finasteride Work?

Product: Finasteride aka generic propecia

My rating: 10 out of 10

Cheapest place to buy: Reliable Rx Pharmacy


What does it do?!

In essence, finasteride stops the conversion of testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in the body.


And what is DHT?

I plan on dedicating at least one more post to DHT, possibly more, so I’m reluctant to get too bogged down here. But essentially it stymies the health of hair follicles by shrinking them.


So, does finasteride work?

In a word, at least for me anyway. Yes!

As you can see from My Photo Diary page. I was overwhelmed by its effectiveness. Especially because I took an awful lot of convincing in order to take the plunge and try it out. I had freaked myself out by googling terms like “finasteride severe side effects” and “stopping finasteride adverse side effects” and so on. In fact, so freaked out was I by the side effects concern, that I’ve decided to add an additional post after this product review discussing finasteride side effects. Because I’d like people to be able to add their own comments and stories to that post. Others may not have had the same positive experience as me.

Ultimately, I bit the bullet and tried it because I realised that virtually every single drug in existence has known side effects. And this shouldn’t be enough in itself to put one off. Especially because, in the grand scheme of things, the side effects are relatively minor. And if everybody avoided drugs that had side effects then nobody would ever take them! I’m just getting my disclaimer out here early though, that this is my own experience, and it doesn’t mean a) everyone will be side effect free and b) that it will work for everyone. Everybody has a different physiology. But it’s been phenomenal and side effect free for me.

I trawled the various different online pharmacies and can wholeheartedly recommend these guys, they’re the cheapest, best and I now use them myself – Reliable RX Pharmacy who have a ton of generic propecia offers.


How to take finasteride.

It couldn’t be more simple really. You eat it. The above are a few 5mg tablets cut up into the normal daily dose. With a pea as a size reference!


What is the finasteride dose? And is there a maximum finasteride dose?

Broadly speaking, the recommended dose for treating male androgenetic alopecia, i.e. male pattern balding, is a 1mg finasteride tablet daily. The pharmacies near me all stock 5mg finasteride tablets so previously I would get the pharmacist to cut the tablets for me (really awkward to do on my own at home!). Usually would take about twenty minutes. So allow time. However, what I’d strongly recommend is doing what I do now and ordering them online. You can get 1mg or 5mg tablets and don’t have any of the fuss. Click here for the best promotional generic propecia offers. Order it only after you’ve confirmed that you’re suffering from male pattern balding. See my What To Ask The Doctor section for more information regarding this.


Ease of use:

It’s a tablet. You eat it. Enough said!


My verdict:

There’s not a great deal to discuss with such a simple product. Suffice to say, I would give this a resounding 10/10. It literally saved my hair! And it’s very inexpensive. I’ve had no side effects and it’s seriously easy to take. It sits beside my bed and I pop it in my gob each morning. Boom. Done. Buy it buy it buy it!!

And please comment below when you’ve tried it or if you have any questions!