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Dihydrotestosterone hair loss – What Is Dihydrotestosterone aka DHT?

Dihydrotestosterone hair loss

Right, so this isn’t exactly the most exhilarating or exciting post. But it explains what dihydrotestosterone aka DHT is, and explains its role in hair loss, in layman’s terms.

So, in spite of it not being compelling reading, it’s nonetheless important to virtually everyone who visits this site. And I’ll do my best to explain it in English, as opposed to medical jargon, though inevitably there’ll be a bit of that!


What Is Dihydrotestosterone?

There’s a more complicated answer to this question, but for the purposes of this article, on a website concerned with hair loss, I’ll keep it simple. It’s an androgen hormone which is responsible for hair follicles (amongst other things). Some of you may know that the medical name for ‘male pattern baldness’ is ‘androgenetic alopecia’ (often also called ‘androgenic alopecia’). So you may have spotted the link via the word ‘androgen’. Again, for the purposes of this post, we’re steering clear of looking at DHT and its relevance to the prostate, male genitalia etc, and instead focusing on its impact on hair follicles. Free testosterone is converted into DHT by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. Which is most numerous in the scalp and prostate. So those with higher levels of 5-alpha reductase are more prone to androgenetic alopecia. Basically, in layman’s terms, DHT is the devil! For the hair on our scalp at least!


So what does it do to our hair?


DHT is the major contributor to Male Pattern Hair Loss. It works by inhibiting IGF1 in the dermal papillae. IGF1 is a hormone. It’s similar in molecular structure to insulin. Essentially, DHT inhibits hair shaft elongation and promotes the regression of hair follicles. Basically, in layman’s terms it kills our hair! Those of us who have experienced male pattern baldness anyway. Which I’d imagine is anyone on this website!


Can Dihydrotestosterone hair loss be stopped?

This is the $6 million dollar question! Actually it’s the multi-billion dollar question! Having done so myself, I can conclude that YES, it can. So there’s no time like the present to get stuck in and start trying to reverse that hair loss. I have nothing to gain by telling you this is possible, I’m not selling you any products. See for yourself how I did it. THIS is how I stopped my own balding. And here are my reviews of Finasteride and Nizoral, the wonder products that I used!

If you’re not convinced by me, then simply take a look at the countless studies over the years that have shown that male pattern baldness is indeed reversible. Such as this one which states “Our finding that AGA (Lenny note – that’s androgenetic alopecia), in the clinical category of nonscarring alopecia, demonstrated preservation of hair follicle stem cells suggests potential reversibility of this condition.”