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Product: Nizoral Anti Dandruff Shampoo

My rating: 9.75 out of 10

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So why would an anti-dandruff shampoo help stop hair loss?!

Funnily enough, it’s actually a side effect. The active ingredient within Nizoral that does the job is called ketoconazole. And Nizoral contains ketoconazole. The primary role of Nizoral is to stop dandruff. But it was soon realised that it had the added bonus of stalling hair loss, and in many cases, promoting hair re-growth!


Will it work if I’m already completely bald?

Anecdotal evidence based on many user reviews would say it won’t. And as I’ve said on many of my other posts, there’s no guaranteed one size fits all scenario. It’s possible that very little will work if you’re already fully bald. And while I sound negative here, I don’t want to promote unrealistic expectations of the product either.

However, there have been numerous clinical trials and extensive tests which strongly support not just the slowing and stopping of hair loss, but in many cases active hair re-growth. And hair thickening, i.e. the expansion of the diameter of each individual hair.


Clinical trials you say?

Now for the nerdy stuff. This bit feels like the exact opposite of when Homer Simpson makes the sign below! Very unsexy!

But it’s also very important. So here it is…

-In 1998 a study was published by a group of Belgian researchers in the swiss journal, Dermatology. Essentially, what they found was that 2% ketoconazole was effective in stimulating hair growth when used in mice (who they had shaved). You can read more about this study here. But the results showed that ketoconazole increased hair density and size. And also decreased sebum (which clogs up hair follicles and leads to hair loss).


Mice? Seriously?

Okay okay!  Although there were other studies that backed up the same hair stimulation in mice…you want to hear about the human ones more…of course!

-A 2002 study in the Journal Of Dermatology looked at men with androgenic alopecia and different combinations of treatment and concluded that ketoconazole was effective in stimulating hair growth.

-A 2002 study in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science showed that ketoconazole increased the mean hair shaft thickness and also discreetly decreased the sebum output on the surface of the skin.

-A 2004 study in Medical Hypotheses concluded that ketoconazole is effective in stimulating hair growth, particularly in tandem with oral finasteride by inhibiting DHT.

There have been further studies done since then which bolster the evidence further.


Pros and cons

In terms of cons, some people have claimed that it has irritated their scalp. But conversely, many more have reported that it has actually alleviated irritation in their scalp.

From a personal point of view it very much alleviated it. Particularly when I was using it in tandem with Minoxidil. Some people would claim the cost is a con. I actually think when you break it down to how long it lasts it’s very minimal. Just a small amount, left on the scalp for a few minutes before rinsing, would last me a month or two. And it lathers very easily and goes a long way.  At a push, the cost is enough to make me lose half a point on my overall score. But it’s really really worth it!

UPDATE: I have since found a great source for cheap Nizoral Shampoo with  2% ketoconazole and have thus corrected my score to 9.75%. See link below for best deals. MUCH cheaper than buying in a local pharmacy.



Here’s the biggest selling point of all for me. When I stopped using it for a couple of months I could see, very very slowly, and only very slightly, that there was a little bit of thinning in my hair. And when I started using it again, my hair thickened back up. For me. The dream ticket is using Nizoral in combination with oral finasteride. I’m also definitely a fan of the effectiveness of Minoxidil (the key ingredient in Rogaine/Regaine). But because of its slight inconvenience, I’m going to continue with these two as long as everything remains hunky dory! So far so good!

As I’ve stated in many places on this website, I don’t work for Nizoral, or Rogaine/Regaine or any Propecia producers (I even recommend generic Propecia in my review). I don’t work for anyone at all in the hair industry. But if you’re experiencing hair loss, in my opinion, these are the three best products to try. And a combination of Nizoral 2% and finasteride, the key ingredient of Propecia, is the easiest and best tandem. The least that you should do, if you’re suffering from male pattern baldness, is try them out. These two are also the most inexpensive way of combatting hair loss. It’s a massive ringing endorsement of 9.75 out of 10 from me! Great product! Definitely worth it!



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