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Finasteride Side Effects – stopping finasteride adverse side effects?

All good in the hood!

Fortunately, having been on Finasteride for a while now, I can report that I have suffered absolutely ZERO side effects from the drug. It took me a long long time to come around to trying it out, because of my finasteride adverse side effects fear. I was happy with the progress of the minoxidil that I was using. But I have naturally irritable skin and dermatitis and dandruff issues so I decided to eventually bite the bullet and ignore the existence of finasteride side effects and just go for it. My attitude was “ah, it’ll never affect me”. And instead of this being a cautionary tale, thankfully, I was right. It didn’t. And it still doesn’t, several months in. The big clincher for me was that even the most severe finasteride side effects, weren’t really very severe. Apart altogether from the low statistical numbers of people actually suffering them. So from the most severe downwards, here they are:


Most common

(And by ‘common’ in this instance, it’s not actually common, these can affect between 1 and 10 people per 100 who use it)

– Erection difficulties (both in achieving and maintaining erections)

– Lower volume of ejaculation

– Decreased libido (low sex drive)



(between 1 and 10 people per 1000)

– Tenderness or swelling of male breast tissue

– Allergic reaction resulting in a rash

– Other ejaculation disorders


Unknown Frequency

(these effects are extraordinarily rare. As well as difficult to even clearly link to finasteride usage)

– Palpitations

– Depression

– More severe allergic reactions such as swelling of the lips, throat, tongue or face

– Pain in the testicles

– Hives or itching




Personally, I tend to ignore any side effects that aren’t listed as ‘common’. Because it’s such a low low percentage chance of them ever affecting you.  And you can unnecessarily freak yourself out way too easily. And I’d actually apply this to every drug. All of which have side effects. And many of which have far more severe side effects than finasteride. I’ve taken some drugs before that have crazy and horrific things listed in their side effects. So when I bore this in mine I just felt it was worth it. I mean, being honest, the only one that really worried me was the erectile dysfunction one, as obviously every man values that. But there hasn’t been the faintest hint of it. In terms of lower levels of ejaculation, I’d actually have no problem with that even if it had happened. I’m not trying to get anybody pregnant. And I’m not sure I’d even notice this side effect if it had happened, to be honest. I don’t exactly weigh ejaculations! In terms of the sex drive thing I just trusted that my libido would remain the same. And it has.


Stopping finasteride adverse side effects

In my opinion, every drug has side effects, and finasteride side effects are a) very low in terms of percentage chance of them ever affecting you and b) very mild in the grand scheme of things even if they did. And in terms of stopping finasteride adverse side effects you can simply stop taking the drug. It could even be worth consulting with your doctor as to whether there are other ways of combatting side effects in the highly unlikely event that you were to suffer them, so that you can still keep taking finasteride.