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How To Thicken Hair – Introduction


I’ve started receiving emails from people who aren’t keen on commenting in the comments section (though please do comment so we’re all in on the conversation!). One of them asked a brilliant blizzard of questions revolving around how to thicken your hair. It’s the great question that everyone who fears balding asks themselves, how to make my hair thicker. His questions inspired my next few blog posts. The distinction here, between how to stop hair loss and in this instance, the best way to thicken hair, is that the various different methods of actively thickening the hair can differ from my own best method of stopping hair loss. And that there’s a distinction between how to make thin hair thicker and how to make thin hair LOOK thicker. One can make hair APPEAR thicker without necessarily making your hair thicker. I want to establish how to thicken hair in a safe and effective way. Some of the items I’ll be looking at are:


Can home remedies make your hair thicker?

I will look at natural hair growth remedies for men and try and find proven natural hair growth remedies and homemade natural hair growth remedies. There have been innumerable attempts at beating balding through natural homemade hair loss remedies and I will be looking at how much truth there is to their efficacy. There’s an awful lot of urban legend out there and some homemade hair loss treatments that simply don’t work! I want to find natural hair growth home remedies that have a proven track record of working, and try and pinpoint the best natural hair growth remedy. If indeed there is one. I will include things like herbal hair growth remedies and other oft queried (and off-center) things such as 1) does baking soda thicken hair? 2) does castor oil thicken hair? and 3) does olive oil thicken hair? Essentially, I want to have an answer to whether natural hair loss remedies can work.


Can products make hair thicker?

I will look at topical hair loss solutions here. As in, is there a shampoo that makes hair thicker? Is there such thing as legitimate hair thickening treatments at all? If so, what are the best hair thickening products? Is there a good hair thickening gel? And/or a hair thickening cream?

I will be primarily focusing on the various alleged ‘good hair growth shampoo’ products on the market. As opposed to treatments like Minoxidil. Which I hope to tackle elsewhere. Is there a ‘best hair thickening shampoo’? What is the best thickening shampoo? And so on.


Other treatments for hair loss

Is there such a thing as hair thickening vitamins? If you’ve read my nutrition for hair section then you’ll know the answer. Are there hair thickening pills? Again, I would obviously be partial to these, which you can see if you read My Photo Diary. I also want to look at other myths and truths, such as questions like ‘does shaving make hair thicker?’.