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Hi guys,

I’m Lenny, and I currently have hair!

Ok, so I was never bald, but as you can see from the photo diary page, it was only a matter of time until that was no longer the case. Major thinning had started.

But thankfully I managed to stop and reverse the process, and I want to share my own experiences with you. Because I spent MONTHS trying to find someone like me online, with completely unbiased views, that wasn’t trying to sell me some miracle cure. I found so little in the way of genuine stories that I decided to share my own. For free. I am NOT going to try and wangle money out of you.


Building a community


I also REALLY REALLY want to start more of a conversation about hair loss. Men, from my experience, are really reluctant to talk about it. Certainly my friends are. Perhaps out of embarrassment. Perhaps out of pride or denial. And I want this site to be a forum for people to talk openly about their hair loss experiences. Both positive and negative. So that a community can emerge with which people can help each other. I want people to be able to help and guide each other and share their own knowledge. Please add comments below to this page or my blog and let’s get talking.


The horror!


Ok maybe I’m overstating it, but it did feel like the end of the world at the time! My hair was most definitely on the way out. I hit 33 years of age and it started thinning appreciably, and quickly. I felt it was only a matter of time until I was bald. I pictured a wedding day at some point in my future where I’d be bald (forever) in my wedding photos. Every negative thing that I could think of crept into my mind! I probably would have been pulling my hair out except…ahem…sorry…I’ll get my coat…


What To Do?!

Anyway I decided to act, and I started to research what to do…but there didn’t seem to be any straightforward places to find genuine and authentic accounts of people who had been successful in stopping their hair loss. Rather that everyone was flogging some product or service or had their own agenda.


I can promise you now that I’m just a normal guy and I don’t work for any hair product companies.

All I can say is that this is what worked for me, and you can make your own decisions, based on the photos and the accompanying text. I break down in detail the process that I went through, that saved my hair. A warning though, it may not work for everybody.

It seems, with hair loss and balding, that one size doesn’t fit all. And there may be numerous ways to stop hair loss in men other than the one that worked for me. As far as I’m concerned, this is the best way to stop hair loss, that’s not to say there aren’t other solutions to stop hair loss or other remedies to stop hair loss. I’ve even heard that there are natural ways to stop hair loss. So I don’t want to knock anything that’s worked for people. I just want to report my own journey.

I’d really welcome anyone’s thoughts or feedback here. I’d love for this to be a genuine forum for people to discuss the subject and maybe share what’s worked for them. The more stories there are from real people like me then the more helpful this site will be to people like us. So don’t hold back.

I’m not a trained expert in this field (although I’ve become one from heavy research), but I know what worked for me. So hopefully my experiences can help some of you too! Would love to know if they do!

It’s from your own experiences that I plan to move this site forward. I want people to share their experiences with different products and methods. And get talking!

One final thing, every single image from the photo diary is 100% me, completely real and legitimate. If you’re wondering why I don’t show my face as proof (because I used to always wonder the same thing when I looked at ‘before and after’ pictures – “that could be anyone” or “you expect us to just believe that this is the same person” and so on). The reason I don’t, basically, is that I’m not brave enough! I have a job and friends and acquaintances. Like everyone else. And I don’t want them seeing my mug plastered on a hair loss website on the internet. Cowardly I know. But I still badly want to help everybody, so this was the best compromise for me.

All my best,


Founder – Honest Hair Loss Help

7 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Delighted to hear it, Keye! Thanks for visiting and please get him to check in regularly as I expand the site and add tons more really helpful content!

  1. Hey Lenny,

    Great site! I’m almost full horseshoe, so this is definitely the place for me. I look forward to your product reviews with great anticipation.


  2. Hi my teenage son has got very depressed lately because he says his hair is falling out and thinning. It’s really getting him down, can you give me any advice.

    1. Hi J.L

      Honestly, I’d recommend bringing him to a doctor. If he’s got depression it could be to do with his hair, but it could easily be to do with something else. And I wouldn’t be in any way qualified to answer questions on depression or presume to know enough about his mindset.

      The thinning hair itself could be to do with male pattern balding, but it could be alopecia or something else, so he’d need to ascertain for sure exactly what he’s dealing with before any action is taken like leaping into pharmaceutical products. Especially at his age where male pattern baldness would be more unusual.

      Get him to his family doctor/general practioner and let them discuss it. If the doctor concludes that it’s definitely male pattern baldness then ask the doctor what the best course of action is before embarking on anything. I’ve written this site because it’s what worked for me and I couldn’t find any genuine honest accounts of people tackling balding, just people with agendas trying to flog products. And I’m not trying to do that. Finasteride, the drug that worked for me, could perhaps clash with other medication that he might be prescribed for depression, so all of this would need to be checked with the doctor.

      If you want to know what I did it’s in my photo diary here – http://honesthairlosshelp.com/how-i-saved-my-hair

      I wish you guys every success in getting through this. It’s a dark place and a really tough time and my thoughts are with you. But there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.


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